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A memory game with React

Colour Memo Memory game with colours made with React. Live: Features Infinite levels Increasing difficulty Keeps track of the highest score Responsive design Images Learn More To learn more about React Native, take a look at the following resources: Getting Started – an overview of React Native and how setup your environment. Reactjs Books – The Best React Books for Beginners of 2023. GitHub View Github

GoogleDoodles : Celebrating Maria Tallchief

In honor of Native American Heritage Month in the U.S., today’s video Doodle—created in partnership with Native American guest artists Lydia Cheshewalla, Chris Pappan, and Yatika Starr Fields— celebrates Maria Tallchief, member of the Osage Nation who was America’s first, major prima ballerina. Not only a trailblazer for Native American dancers, Tallchief is widely considered one of the country’s most influential ballerinas of all time. On this day in 2007, a bronze sculpture of Tallchief and four other Native American ballerinas was unveiled in Oklahoma at the Tulsa Historical Society in a piece titled “The Five Moons” by artist Gary Henson.

verses like bullets

I won’t shoot myself in the temple, I won’t even shoot myself from the back, nor will I hang myself with a garbage bag, and if I do, I promise you it won’t be in a police car with handcuffs on nor in the cell of the police station of some town whose name I only know for having to go through it To come back home. Yes, I may be in danger

Accuracy - the politeness of kings

On Sunday morning my dad and I decided to go to the park of culture. “I haven’t been there for a thousand years,” said my father, “the last time, I remember, my mother and I went there. In the first year. First, I rode her on a boat, and then in a cafe I treated her to a chocolate ice cream. - If my memory serves me, - said my mother, - I mostly rode you on the boat.